Lily Field Christian Montessori Community

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Lily Field Christian Montessori Community
Parkrose United Methodist Church
11111 NE Knott St., Rooms 5,6
Portland, OREGON 97220

Phone: 503-253-7597



Welcome to Lily Field Christian Montessori Community! We're an experienced school in a new location!

 September 1997 began the first school year for then Lily Field Montessori Preschool, renting space from Montavilla Methodist. In April 1999, the school became a fledgling part of Faith Lutheran Church, and grew to full enrollment in the next ten years, when an aging building and financial woes of the congregatioin forced a separation resulting in the formation of a new non-profit primary preschool-kindergarten, Lily Field Christian Montessori Community. We are now renting from Parkrose United Methodist Church, who has enthusiastically welcomed us in the shared goals of providing a place for Jesus Christ to work in the lives of the families who come to us! Dr. Maria Montessori, Italy's first woman physician, developed a program based on respect of the child's need to safely explore the environment both naturally and spiritually. 

 Our Christian environment is in accord with the Bible,a non-doctrinal approach in relationship with Jesus Christ, as a sentient being of the Trinity. Please read throughout the site for further description, or email with questions. The goal of our founding parents was to establish a Montessori primary school which would eventually be financially strong enough to provide a Christian environment for all families of any economic status. Weathering multiple challenges, especially since 2007, we are still growing, and invite all to come meet us! You will find an active, dynamic set of parents, and a family atmosphere with the children. ENROLLMENT OPEN HOUSE continues for immediate admission, for Summer and Fall 2010.


8:50 am      Greeting, benedictions for family as they leave, and preparation of student personal items

9:00            First work choices by child and talk with guide for morning plan
9:30- 10:30  First work cycle continues. Lessons as planned by guide. Small circle groups for language, or shared activity lessons, like moveable alphabet, or bring me exercises. Bible stories, notebooks
10:30-11:15 Second work cycle , changing with weather-related activity, short recess, singing activities, or early lunch, garden work, or walk with parents for neighborhood plants, parks, cityscape, etc.
12 noon-1:15 Lunch prep, eating, and clean-up completed now
1:15-2:45      Afternoon work cycles include longer lessons for older child with practice, longer craft time or more difficult projects, selected video for topics being studied,short recess with prep time at end forending day
3:00-3:20     Children greet parents at door for sign-out


Children of preschool age inherently absorb knowledge from their surroundings. Lily Field  emphasizes teaching in language, mathematics, science, and life skills in the foundation of God's love. Our environment and curriculum communicate our vision of God's love as the guiding motivator toward independent growth and community service.

Is Lily Field Right for My Child?

The Child Centered Classroom:
You may feel that your child is ready for new experiences and new challenges. Children under the age of 6 have extraordinary powers of the mind. Because of this absorbent mind, preschool aged children do not need direct teaching in order to learn; they absorb knowledge from their surroundings just by living and watching. The classroom allows children to move, touch, manipulate and explore, listen and share. The multi-age setting allows children to learn from each other through work with older children as leaders and demonstrators of work to yet come! The classroom becomes a thriving community where the children are treated with respect and courtesy, and they learn to problem solve through Christlike example, story, and motivation for peace.

New Before and After care is now being sought!  We are currently exploring options for this advantage within the quiet residential neighborhood for agreement with a certified  daycare. We will post family referred places as permission is obtained.

The Prepared Environment:
The prepared environment is the concept developed by Dr. Maria Montessori to facilitate maximum independent learning and exploration for children under her care  as a physician in early 20th century Italy. A 3 year old child may be washing clothes by hand while a 4 year old nearby is composing words and phrases with the letters known as the moveable alphabet. At the same time, a 5 year old may be performing multiplication tasks using specially designed sets of beads. While lessons are individual, children also work in small groups. At times, the entire class is involved in storytelling, singing or movement. We are learning self care, and God's loving directive for care of the environment He has given us. Equipment, furniture, and daily prcedure is child-centered under the guidance of a trained teacher, the Guide.

Special Aspects of Our Curriculum:
Lily Field portrays for children the God of love. Jesus Christ is real! He knows and cares for us. Rather than to artificially inject our religious concepts into an ethically neutral method, the Montessori method allows us to communicate the Bible's vision of a loving, sentient, involved God as an integral part of the curriculum. We pray in group gathering times, share Bible stories and celebrate Christian holidays, learn about the celebrations of other lands and people. Our responsibility to our environment, to our country as a place of freedom to worship,to seek honest and appropriate historical and scientific information, and to prepare our children for active life in peace toward our community, is explored in music and literature and field trips well monitored by family members. It is momemt to moment, as Jesus Christ directs us in His Bible.

Out and Around Portland:
We take daily walks in the local community and special field trips to cultural, environmental or community special events. We invite individuals and family supportive organizations to participate in our work to guide the children to be familiar and caring for diverse aspects of God's creation.

Family Participation:
Because parents are the most important adults in a child's life, we encourage them to bring their expertise into the classroom. Quarterly parent seminars help carry the Montessori education into your home life and improve your child's learning experience. Volunteer opprtunity brings children and families into Lily FIeld's supportive, family-like relationships.